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SSRIs have also been effective in some people in preventing migraines

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Hace una dda se aceptaba como normal espermogramas con mdel 50% de formas normales; hoy, segn los criterios se acepta como normal una morfologcon 30% OMS (1) o 14 % Kruger (37)

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Typical common cold, except that I got almost no mucus compared to most people.

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A blood alcohol content of 0.35 or higher can result in breathing stoppage, coma, and possible death.

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Swiss Global Pharma, a swiss company headquartered in Lugano established in 2007, is a Swiss leader in import and distribution of pharmaceutical and medical products from and to any part of the world

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The anti-fungal drug fluconazole (Diflucan) may be quite useful in preventing cryptococcal meningitis in people whose CD4 counts are below 50

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Present in: 5% of the over 65's; 10% of over 70's; 15% of all stroke patients

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