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In 2002, services (including government) represented 47% of GDP, agriculture represented 36%, and industry was 17%

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First thing in the morning, your eyes open up, you roll over and test your saliva pH

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As with other normally repetitive requirements in the procurement process, many agencies have adopted a pre-printed form for amending solicitations

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Besides low prices, cosmetic surgery packages here include private nurses, post-operation therapy and follow-up consultations with the doctors.

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Revenue to remove the 60day suspension from licensee'sdriving record, and the Director appealed.The Court

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His latest retrial request was denied partly because the Supreme Court ruled that his initial "confession" still stood, even though he had retracted it.

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The Cerdelga clinical development program is the largest ever conducted in Gaucher disease, with approximately 400 patients treated in 29 countries.

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Oh, one other thing I did was sometimes during the key week (days14-20), I would try to time the sex every 36 hours, instead of waitingthe full 48

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